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Luxe Sticker Book - Pearl

Luxe Sticker Book - Pearl

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Our exclusive Luxe Sticker Book features the ultimate sticker storage solution. It combines storage sleeves, reusable silicone coated sheets, and pockets in a faux leather notebook. The notebook has a matching elastic that allows the book to grow thick as stickers are stored. 

The book is approximately 8.25" tall and 6" wide on the outside. It contains 24 side loading sleeves and fits sheets approximately 7.5" tall and 5" wide. You could fit multiple sheets per pocket as well! Included in the middle of the book is 12 sheets of double sided release paper. These sheets are perfect for kit leftovers that you can easily peel and stick whenever needed. There are a total of 7 pockets stitched into the leather that are perfect for small sheets, samplers, and die cuts. You really can hold all sticker options in this luxurious books!


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