Stream and Scream Media Challenge

$ 5.95 USD

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This media challenge comes with two sheets - a 4.75" x 6.75" giant sticker dashboard and accompanying challenge completed stickers. All of the movies in the challenge can be found on Netflix. When you watch a movie, peel and place the sticker on the dashboard. Watch all of the movies to complete the challenge. Our challenge has 6 movies included.

This is in collaboration with Creating & Co. and consists of 12 movies total. In order to get the other half of this challenge, pick it up from their shop:

Any permanent ink will work well on the vinyl material. Gel pens or felt pens will smear. Recommended pens/markers include the Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Marker (Sharpie pen is not permanent and will smear), Sakura Microperm, Le Pen Permanent, Pilot Extra Fine Point Permanent Marker, and Staedtler Lumocolor Universal Permanent Superfine. These are all fantastic pens that we've tested on our vinyl and have had great results.

Please keep in mind that sometimes colors on the screen will differ from the actual product depending on monitor settings.

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