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Disc Bound Sticker Storage Album - Watermelon

Disc Bound Sticker Storage Album - Watermelon

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This disc bound sticker storage book has everything you need to organize your sticker collection.

Each book comes pre assembled with the covers, sleeves and discs. The tabs are packaged separately so you can place them where you want to in the book.

The disc bound sticker storage book includes:
- Set of sturdy frosted plastic covers with a vivid printed vinyl sticker
- Set of 5 blank frosted plastic tabs
- 15 sleeves that fit 2 sheets sized 4"x6" each
- 15 sleeves that fit sheets sized 6"x8" each
- 8 clear discs sized to fit all the sleeves

You can put a sticker sheet in each sleeve and the book would still be able to close. If you decide to put multiple sheets per sleeve, you may need to upgrade to larger size discs.

Tab stickers are sold separately.

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